07 November, 2006

The candidates and the issues

We have some pretty interesting issues in this year's campaign.

Here they are:

The Nouners are for

  • Getting dressed before breakfast (except Christmas morning)
  • Doing 15 minutes of work before watching TV or playing on the computer
  • Clearing the table after supper, but before watching Daddy play computer games
  • Ian and Alex can have help with cleaning their room, but only if they really need it.
  • Let Daddy have some time to himself after work.
  • Ian and Alex have to take a nap if they get cranky.
  • I will color with people who have gotten their chores done.
  • The cats should get food and water.
  • I will make sure Ian and Alex go to the bathroom.
The Wooties are for:
  • Everybody can play with my toys.
  • I will play with everyone.
  • I will color with everyone.
  • We will give the cats water.
  • Everyone can play on the computer.
  • Take a bath, then get dressed, then eat breakfast.
  • Ian and Alex should have to do less than 15 minutes of work, Mary should have to do more.
  • We should play games, then eat, then clean up, then play more games.
  • I need help with my room all the time.
  • We should watch Dad play games when he gets home.
  • We should only take naps when we're sleepy.
As you can see, there are some highly contested issues.

Now the Candidates:

Mary, the Noun Party candidate, is 9 years old. She likes being tough, watching action shows, dressing up in makeup, and riding big mountain bikes. If elected she will promise to make sure our house will stay really clean and not look like a pig sty. She says she is really good at playing football for a girl.

Ian, the Wootie Party candidate, is 5 years old. He likes playing, eating candy, running around, kid TV shows, and reading. If elected he will promise to play.

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