08 November, 2006

Meditation on Thanksgiving

So, I'm doing the 1,000 gifts thing, right? It would be so easy for me to just turn this into a pride-fest about how great my life is. Giving thanks is supposed to be a humbling experience, but I can turn *anything* into a matter of pride. Some times I think Jesus created the notion of praying in one's closet just for me.

So, my number one thing today to be thankful for is Forgiveness. That my family, my friends, and my God forgive me when I screw up. Number two is the Holy Spirit, without Whom I would have no hope of conquering my pride. And that brings me to number three, hope. There are days when I feel like Pandora, that I cause more trouble and misery than one could believe possible. But, there's hope, sitting in the bottom of the box, reminding me that things are never as bad as they seem.

Today's list:
11. Forgiveness
12. the Holy Spirit
13. Hope
14. the Written Word
15. Trees, and how they always seem to reach their arms heavenward this time of year.
16. Modern Medicine
17. electricity
18. The telephone (oh, how I sometimes despise thee!)
19. constant physical laws
20. Constellations
21. The imagination
22. The life-giving sun
23. teddy bears
24. coffee
25. sugar

More tomorrow....

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